How to reclaim TIE fighter crash sites in Fortnite

fortnite crash sites locations
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Welcome to our guide to finding all of the TIE fighter crash sites in Fortnite. Now that the Fortnite Star Wars event is all done and dusted, you'll doubtless have noticed a disturbance in the Force. In other words, stormtroopers have invaded the map, you can pick up a Fortnite lightsaber from special chests, and raise your banner at various Fortnite crash sites.

This is one of a number of Fortnite Star Wars challenges that emerged after J.J. Abrams, Geoff Keighley, and co let the Battle Royale community watch some exclusive footage of the upcoming Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker, in game. Now all that fun is over, and you have to raise your banner in Fortnite in different TIE fighter crash sites, so here's how and where to do just that.

How to raise your banner at Fortnite crash sites

Amid the rubble of crashed TIE fighters there'll be about five or six stormtroopers patrolling near a First Order flag. To raise your banner and complete the challenge you need to defeat all the troopers, approach the flag, and hit 'E' to claim.

This means you'll need to stock up on weapons and ammo. The Sith soldiers aren't tough to beat by any stretch, but you'll need enough bullets to take them all out. Rushing in isn't always your best bet as you can get surrounded easily, but the ruined shell of the TIE fighter offers plenty of cover opportunities. Note that they do have grenades that make mincemeat of that cover, and they'll flank aggressively. 

They also drop ammo, health, and First Order Blast Rifles on death—the latter you'll need to pick up to complete another of the Fortnite Star Wars challenges.

Fortnite crash site locations

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There are five TIE fighter crash sites in total, and they're pretty spread out. As you fly over the map, they're quite easily spotted from the dark plumes of smoke each wreckage emits. Below are some screenshots of each crash site, and the named areas I suggest you visit first for some guns and ammo.

Southwest of Sweaty Sands

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The riskier option here is the busier area of Sweaty Sands. You can drop at Holly Heights and head north, but your best bet is to land on the south side of the beach resort, quickly loot, and escape. Stroll to the right of the big group of trees towards the crash site, and get blastin'.

Northeast of Salty Springs

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This crash site is such a short stroll from Salty Springs it's really the only spot in which you should land to gear up. Keep heading northeast after that and the crash site will be by the little coast.

North of Retail Row

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Retail Row has always been a hectic place to drop in, but it's the closest named area to this TIE fighter wreckage. You could traipse all the way from Lazy Lake, but you might as well take the risk and land on the north side of the shopper's paradise for all your lootin' needs.

South of Slurpy Swamp

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This is a bit of a tricky one to find, but Slurpy Swamp is your best looting spot. As your travel south/southeast you'll cross a boggy river before you get to the crash site, which is hidden beneath a group of tall trees.

South of Steamy Stacks

crash sites fortnite tie fighters

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This site is just across the river from Steamy Stacks in the map's northeastern corner. This factory area is the best place to loot if you don't fancy a long walk, but you could grab a motorboat from the centre of the map and make a beeline for the crash site by following the river northeast.

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