Fortnite shop update: New skins let out your inner cowboy

(Image credit: Fortnite)

Another day, another set of new skins in the Fortnite shop, and this time the battle royale game channels its Hatfield and McCoys. The new Western Wilds set comes with not one, but two cowboy skins, one for the male Jonesy and another for the female Ramirez skin.

The male skin (Frontier) comes with some appropriate back bling in the form of a TNT detonator. The female skin (Rio Grande) comes with a more basic backpack. I'd assume you could switch them around if you care.

The skins arrived alongside a rare harvesting tool known as Longhorn. True to the wild west aesthetic, it's basically a giant branding rod with a bull skull attached. It even has a little hat.

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Joseph Knoop

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