Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am Twitch channel breaks 700,000 concurrent viewers

Fortnite continues to raise the bar for Twitch viewership, bringing in more than 700,000 viewers (and counting) to the official Fortnite Twitch channel during the first Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am tournament. Recently, Ninja set a record with his strange, but entertaining Ninja Vegas event with an approximate 667,000 viewers. Other events have pulled in more on a single channel, but it's still huge.

A host of streamers were given permission to co-stream the even as well, bringing the total viewership on Twitch to 1.3 million. That doesn't even take into account the people watching on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer. All said, it might be one of the biggest live-streaming events ever. 

Here are the numbers as of writing this story, though it doesn't take into account every re-stream on all platforms:

Fortnite Twitch - 700,000+
Twitch co-streams - 670,000+
YouTube - 100,000+
Mixer - 25,000+
Facebook - 15,000+

Again, these are a rough estimate, so treat them as at-a-glance holy-cow-that's-a-lot-of-people numbers. 

The Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am is Epic's first stab at competitive Fortnite, but isn't included in its $100 million prize-pool plans for Fortnite's first official competitive year. The event featured 50 Fortnite players from the streaming and YouTube community, paired with 50 celebrity companions. 

Correction: A previous version of this article did not differentiate between the record for an individual's channel and the record for an event or organization.

James Davenport

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