Tips for healing with Fortnite's campfire

Healing in Fortnite is strange. It may seem somewhat counterintuitive, but if you choose to literally stand in the fire that a Cozy Campfire produces you will be treated to a fairly substantial heal, and not third degree burns. With 50 health restored over 25 seconds if you use it for the full duration, the Cozy Campfire is a great solution for those quieter moments in Fortnite. While bandages and med kits are perhaps better saved for a quick heal in a tense situation, the Cozy Campfire is your solution for easy heals during downtime, and can certainly save your life in a dire situation. 

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Of course there is always a way to be more efficient with your healing options, or simply to use them at a more opportune time. It is not always obvious how to make the best of your consumables, but these Fortnite campfire tips will make sure you never waste a healing flame again. 

Beware of sneaky foes looking for a free heal  

Heals can be a very limited commodity if you get unlucky, or even if you foolishly decide that having five damage dealing weapons is a better idea than carrying some consumables. But if you manage to spot someone laying down a Cozy Campfire, it could be the solution to your low health woes as it will heal anyone that stands on it, even if you are not on the same team as the person that put it down. 

Now you could try and negotiate peace with the real owner of the Campfire, but chances are that will not go too well. So you'll either have to take them out and take their nice spot by the fire, or the more adventurous among you could try and sneak into the AoE of the fire and receive its benefits without being seen. That won’t be easy, but it would make for a great story to tell. 

Walls offer protection 

The first rule of using a Cozy Campfire is to to make sure you are protected as best you can. While it may not seem like a long time, standing in the same location for 25 seconds is a very risky play. Now, you could jiggle around to try and avoid gunfire, but good players will still be able to take you down easily, so instead you will want to build a structure around your campfire. 

Your best bet is to completely enclose yourself for the full duration, and be quick to rebuild if any fire comes your way. But for the more aggressive out there, it isn’t a terrible idea to edit a wall or two to make some good peeking holes to spot enemies coming your way and try to rack up a few extra kills. Maybe throw on a rare roof piece of you anticipate trouble from above. 

Get high before you blaze

Building a nice little wooden hut around your campfire is a great way to keep yourself from heading back to the main menu whilst trying to heal up, but sometimes it really isn’t practical. If you are mid way through a fight and it’s your only way to heal then you are going to need another solution that does not involve hiding for 25 seconds straight. Fortunately there is another way, although it is a little more risky. 

You can put a Cozy Campfire on any floor, so if you build a staircase into the sky, then place a floor coming off one and then place the fire on that you can still reap its benefits. Even better still you can then put another stair block on top of that and get the full healing of the campfire, despite technically being directly above it. Reinforce that with some wall around the side and you have a pretty well protected vantage point that will let you keep fighting while having the added bonus of two HP regen per second.   

Get a full heal in 26 seconds  

Getting a half-heal in 25 seconds is nice, but its not the best way of getting your health up when a med kit will offer a full heal in less than half the time. But with a couple of Cozy Campfires you can go from 1 health to 100 in just over 25 seconds, if you are a speedy builder. 

By placing two campfires next to each other and standing between them, the benefits will be doubled, meaning four HP regen per second is yours for the next 25 seconds. That's an easy 100 health that will bring you back into full fighting shape without having to sacrifice an inventory slot.