Fortnite is getting a new Battle Royale game mode tomorrow featuring five teams of 20 players (Updated)

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Update: Epic Games has confirmed that the new game mode, called Teams of 20, is arriving tomorrow, and released a trailer, below. Carry on scrolling for the original story.

Fortnite (opens in new tab) has been doing a stellar job mixing up its Battle Royale formula by regularly adding temporary game modes. Epic Games has lots more in the pipeline (opens in new tab), and it looks like a mode that pits five teams of 20 players against each other in a fight to the death is coming soon.

I reckon it will be even more ridiculous than the 50v50 game mode introduced in December (opens in new tab). That potentially packed more players into a small area, but this is going to have gunfire coming from all angles. I dread to think what Tilted Towers, the game's most popular drop spot, is going to look like.

It should, however, be slightly more focused if teams are willing to play sensibly. The 50v50 mode was often a slog because when one team got a numbers advantage they just steamrolled over the rest of the opposition. Here, you potentially have a number of separate battles going on, with the victors then grabbing all the loot before seeking out other teams.

The news comes from a screengrab that a user uploaded to Reddit (opens in new tab) of the update messages you get when you login to the game, which also mentions that a new potential drop location called Lucky Landing has been added to the south coast of the map. I logged in and got a different message, so presumably it won't appear every time. 

Epic revealed its future temporary game modes last month, including one with "team sizes in between 50v50 and squads", which must be this one. Also on the way is a 'The Floor is Lava' mode, a blitz mode with shorter rounds, a mode that limits the size of the playable area on the map from the start, one that allows less time between circles and a retooled version of the previous 50v50 mode.

The game is now the most popular game on Twitch (opens in new tab) among both streamers and viewers.

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