Fortnite season 5 battle pass: All the new skins, trailer, and price

fortnite battle pass season 5
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Fortnite season 5 is almost here, and of course that means there's a new battle pass to scour through for new skins, cosmetics, and other goodies that'll help us celebrate a new season.

This season, the big draw is the Mandalorian Fortnite skin, which resembles Pedro Pascal's metallic character from the hit Disney Plus series. That's not the only highlight, though. Season 5 has plenty to offer, so we've run through it all for you below, including details on the Fortnite Crew subscription service that could change how players pay for their battle pass. Here's everything in the new Fortnite battle pass.

Fortnite season 5 battle pass skins

The obvious star of Fortnite season 5 is the Mandalorian, or Din Djarin as he was once known. He's got all the trademarks of a traditional Mandalorian warrior: The T-shaped visor on his shiny Beskar helmet, a laser blaster, and a distinct distaste for showing his mug. Judging from a leaked image, the Mandalorian will also be accompanied by the Child (or Grogu, as we now know him) aka Baby Yoda. It looks like Baby Yoda might be hovering along in his little basket from the show, which would definitely be a different kind of back bling than we've seen before.

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We don't know for sure yet, but it's likely that the Mandalorian will be earned by completing various challenges throughout season 5. Previous seasons featured Aquaman and Wolverine as special tie-in skins in the same way. Hey, don't mess with a good formula, you know?

Of course, Mando doesn't get to steal the whole show. There's a slew of new skins available as part of the season 5 battle pass. What are they? We don't know quite yet, save for one.

From the same leaked image (thanks, ShiinaBR), we've got a look at this pink-haired, celestial-looking skin named Galaxia.

fortnite battle pass season 5

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Galaxia skin is part of the Fortnite Crew bundle, which we'll go into below. It seems like Galaxia will also be joined by this set of skins uncovered by data miners VastBlastt and Lucas7yoshi.

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Odds are "Maeve" AKA Wildheart is probably that warrior-looking woman on the right of the Mandalorian. Joining her is a some kind of sentient stack of flapjacks, a guy with a really rad helmet that reminds me of Destiny's Fallen, a fancy gold skull warrior who reminds me of Oro (the golden skeleton everyone thought was Midas), a woman in a pink armor set, that a cel-shaded skin on the far-left?

Fortnite Crew: The new subscription service and the end of the Battle Bundle

Fortnite Crew is the new subscription service players can opt into, allowing you access to the current season battle pass, 1,000 V-bucks to spend as you see fit, and a monthly outfit bundle. The first bundle will get you that Galaxia skin you see up higher on the page.

Epic has promised that any skins offered in the Fortnite Crew service won't ever be offered to non-subscribers, not even the item shop.

This is all Epic's way of axing the Battle Bundle, that extra large bundle offered each season for 2,800 V-bucks. Normally, getting that bundle would boost you up about 25 battle pass tiers. Now Fortnite Crew subscribers below level 75 can pay 1,850 V-bucks to automatically skip 25 tiers one time during the season, which is cool if you're lagging behind and know you can't grind your way to a mid-tier reward.

The Fortnite Crew service is going live on December 2, so keep an eye out for it to be featured heavily during season 5.

fortnite season 5

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How many free V-bucks are in the battle pass for season 5?

We don't know yet exactly how many free V-bucks will be included in the season 5 battle pass. Things may change thanks to Fortnite Crew and Epic's whims, but past seasons have allowed players to earn up to 1,500 V-bucks by leveling up.

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