Former Infinity Ward, Respawn devs launch Kickstarter campaign for To The Death

To The Death's core concept sounds like a good idea because it makes you wonder why nobody thought of it first. On their own, the 2D beat'em up and shoot'em up genres have become pretty rote, but To The Death puts them together to create what looks like a fun and original game. And it doesn't hurt that it's made by developers with some major credentials.

Should it be fully funded on Kickstarter, To The Death will be Scary Mostro's first game. The developer was co-founded by Francesco Gigliotti, former Lead Software Engineer at Infinity Ward and Respawn Entertainment, and Todd Alderman, former Lead Game Designer at the same studios. The two worked together for 11 years. Section Studios' Creative Director Cecil Kim, who previously worked on the God of War series, will be the game's art director.

The story-driven, single-player mode will have you alternating between two main characters making their way across The Crawl (the game's version of purgatory) toward each other for a final mano-a-mano showdown. It will feature a deep fighting system that combines ranged and melee weapons and special attacks. Again, think Gradius meets Final Fight.

To The Death will also have a cooperative mode and an interesting competitive multiplayer mode. In the multplayer mode, the two characters race towards each other as they do in the story, but you'll be watching your opponent upgrade his skills on his way to you and then be able to choose powers that best counter his.

Mostro is seeking $400,000. With 28 days to go, it currently managed to raise a little over $20,000 from 259 backers. Check out the To The Death Kickstarter page for more.