For The King is a tabletop-inspired roguelike you can play with friends

After a successful Kickstarter in September 2015, For The King entered Steam Early Access for a projected two years. It seems developer IronOak Games was right on the money: For The King is launching from Early Access in early April. It's currently $15 and its price will increase post-Early Access.

For The King is a roguelike inspired by tabletop and strategy games. You can play it solo or in local or online co-op with up to three friends. The rub is: the king has been assassinated and the kingdom is in chaos, so it falls to you to fight to restore order to the land by conquering low-poly, procedurally generated board game-esque maps.

Maps are made up of hexagonal spaces, and are filled with quests and events that are also procedurally generated. You can get around by walking, sailing, or flying via hot-air balloon. The land, sea and sky present different challenges like weather and natural disasters, not to mention unique enemies to take on in turn-based battles. Here's a look at For The King's combat in action: 

But before you set off to meet your ultimate doom, you've got to pick a class. You've got your standard range, mage, melee triangle with the hunter, scholar and blacksmith, and there are also unlockable classes like the herbalist, woodcutter and trapper. 

Classes are among the precious few things that carry over between playthroughs, like the lore you unravel and collectible parts for craftable weapons. Those weapons sound especially nice since weapons are breakable.

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Austin Wood
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