FNCS All-Star Showdown combines competitive mode with creative mode

fortnite fncs all star showdown
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The Fortnite Champion Series is combining with the game's Creative mode for a new kind of competition fueled by player-made creations.

The FNCS All-Star showdown is running from June 11 through June 26, and will pit the top players on maps made by Creative mode users like ImmatureGamer, Enigma, and Dummblond. A cool $3 million prize pool is on the line, too.

Frankly, as someone who believes that Fortnite's Creative mode is a genuinely awesome tool (and it'll get even better when Unreal Engine support gets added), this feels like an awesome to expand the fanbase beyond battle royale. Epic is doing the smart thing by letting regular players access all these Creative mode maps themselves. You can also check out PC Gamer's favorite Fortnite Creative codes here.

Here's a roundup of the different kinds of competitions players will be entering.

Blueprint Battle (June 23): Players will need to edit a course full of obstacles faster than anyone else. It's destruction, without the weapons. CODE: 3840-8537-4348

Bullseye Bonanza: (June 23): Players will have to progress through a map by shooting targets in quick succession. CODE: 9420-6335-1309

High Tier (June 24): It's a downward race, and players will have to use all the fancy building techniques that schlubs like me don't even know the names for. "Tunneling, cranking 90s, and waterfalling" for example. I've never felt older. CODE: 3947-8128-3885

Play for Keeps (June 25): It's a 3v3 mode with the top four teams in each region, but with no building abilities. CODE: 5892-6942-6261

All-Star Trickshot: A map designed for free play, where you can goof off to your heart's content and capture some gameplay clips. CODE: 5332-3250-5319

fortnite fncs all star showdown

(Image credit: Epic Games)

FNCS All-Star Solo Championship

On June 26, Epic will hold a more conventional solo tournament. Players will go through six games, all operating on Cash Cup rules. The twist? The player with the most eliminations at the end of each match is going to earn an extra $113 - $1,020.

You can check out Epic's official rules here.

Hype Days

From June 11 through June 13, Epic is running a sort of pre-show called Hype Days, where content creators will be hosting their own challenges and tournaments based on the All-Star Showdown and Creative mode challenges.

Solo All-Star Play-In

From June 18 through June 20, all eligible Champion League players will be able to compete in this solo tournament.

fortnite fncs all star showdown

(Image credit: Epic Games)

How to watch FNCS All-Star Showdown

Epic has a dedicated stream to watch the FNCS All-Star Showdown. You can either head to watch.fortnite.com or the Fortnite Twitch channel.

If you watch on Twitch, Epic is giving away in-game loot, including an emoticon and loading screen.

Make sure to check out our Fortnite page for more guides and news. If you missed it, England's Harry Kane and Germany's Marco Reus, two of football's biggest stars, are getting their own Fortnite skins soon.

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