Here's Fortnite's Rick and Morty crossover

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Really, if you think about it, this was inevitable. Rick and Morty, the popular Adult Swim show about a drunk mad scientist, his grandson, and their increasingly bizarre and grotesque adventures through space and alternate dimensions, now has an official Fortnite crossover.

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Mr. Rick Sanchez is the tier 100 reward for battle pass buyers/Fortnite Crew subscribers. So you'll have to work pretty hard to get the old scientist.

Rick also comes with a "Toxic Rick" variant inspired by the extra-awful version of Rick from episode 27

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Next up is the Butter Robot from season one, who struggles to grasp just how dull his purpose in life is. Currently, his purpose is to be a back bling cosmetic that offers your victims some quality dairy.

fortnite rick and morty

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Of course, little nerdy Morty isn't missing out. Unfortunately, he's only seeing battle royale from the POV of Rick's clutches as a hammer-shaped pickaxe tool.

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Finally, we've got a short list of extra cosmetics inspired by Rick and Morty, including a new glider UFO, a spray, and the Rick dance. My favorite cosmetic is actually the weapon wrap that gives your guns the murky green texture of Rick's portals.

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