Fistful of Gun to be published by Devolver, is a top-down, co-op Western shooter

Fistful of Gun is a Western primarily in setting. As a top-down arcade shooter, it's a little lacking in some of the fundamental themes of the genre; like sweeping landscapes, local power-struggles or Clint Eastwood staring at a man until he gets bored and dies. Instead, its the weaponry and hats of the era, implanted into a frantic bullet-hell assault.

You can play the original, for free, by visiting developer FarmerGnome's site , but Devolver Digital has announced that they're publishing an enhanced version. It'll star an expanded roster of eleven characters, and offer nine-player local and online co-op. "Master the specialized controls of each character," enthuses a press release, "collect gold from fallen foes to purchase upgrades, and imbibe a bit of liquid courage and unleash a tornado of lead across the dusty plains."

As someone who enjoyed the original , I'm looking forward to seeing a bigger, more people-packed version. How exactly nine-player co-op will work – either logistically or in terms of screen readability – I have no idea, but, at the very least, it'll be interesting to find out.

Fistful of Gun is due... oh, nuts, I've gone this entire article without crowbarring in some clunky Wild West phrase. Er, "varmint". That'll do. Fistful of Gun is due out next Spring.

Phil Savage

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