First patch for Marvel's Avengers focuses on stability

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Marvel's Avengers (opens in new tab) is out now, and has just received its first patch. "This patch is primarily focused on stability," says the Steam dev blog (opens in new tab), "based on the data we have collected after Early Access started a few days ago." They say they're working on the other issues players have brought up, but wanted to get these improvements out the door first.

Here's the complete list of fixes:

  • Implemented work-around for NVIDIA 10-series driver problem that was causing crashes when using ALT-TAB, ALT-ENTER, and other situations.
  • Enabling Steam Cloud to allow you to easily synchronize your save-games between multiple PCs.
  • Fixed a problem that caused some players to be unable to throw rocks as Hulk or to shoot as Iron Man.
  • Fix for a DEVICE_HUNG crash some users experienced in the sewers.
  • Various other stability improvements.

Our full review of Marvel's Avengers is coming soon. In the meantime, Robert Zak has finished the main campaign (opens in new tab), which he enjoyed, but remains uncertain its subsequent "Destiny in spandex" live game element will hold up. "Given that the story was such a highlight for me," he said, "I'm sceptical that pounding through these largely homogeneous missions over and over again just to get different costumes or invisible gear upgrades is going to keep my attention."

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