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Firmament is a VR game from the creators of Myst

Cyan, the Myst and Obduction lot, have another adventure in the works, and more mysterious worlds filled with peculiar clockwork contraptions. Firmament will see players explore four different realms, accompanied by a floating clockwork pal and a chatty ghost, calling to mind a steampunk Destiny, minus all the shooting.

The teaser shows off quite a bit, though Cyan is keeping schtum about the story for now. Here’s all that’s been spilled so far, from the official website.

"The game of Firmament is a resplendent, magical, journey — a monumental voyage through four diverse and curious realms, working in concert with an ever-present, clockwork companion, and the support and instruction of a long-dead, ethereal mentor. Everything is not as it seems."

While Obduction had VR support, Firmament seems to be billed as a VR game first and foremost. A non-VR version might be safer, however, for those of you who, like me, have a tendency to throw nearby objects whenever a puzzle becomes too frustrating. 

 Platforms and headsets have yet to be announced.

Fraser Brown
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