Firefall trailer shows Blackwater Anomaly, teases open beta story reveal

Firefall Blackwater thumb

Red 5 Studios have pulled a special trick here: creating two different Firefall trailers and rolling them into one. There's the trailer that you hear, full of dramatic music, sombre narration, and the line, "it's a one-way ticket". Then there's the trailer that you see, which consists largely of cartoon people flying around with jetpacks, shooting things and causing explosions. It's a strangely striking combination.

It's teasing Blackwater Anomaly, the free-to-play MMO's new instance that's planned for release with the July 9th open beta. According to Red 5, it'll be the game's first story-based episode - kicking off their planned "world-story".

Pop over to the official site if you'd like to register ahead of next week's beta launch.

Phil Savage

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