Fire is coming to Sea of Thieves, although we're not supposed to know that yet

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Sea of Thieves will apparently be getting fire in an update coming soon, at least according to Rare lead engineer James Thomas. Thomas appeared on a recent Sea of Thieves weekly stream and let it slip that they had been working to add fire to the game, to the chagrin of his coworkers and, in fairness, himself.

As senior designer Andrew Preston finishes up a tale of having a ship sink thanks to a volcano and 15 kegs of gunpowder stored in the crow's nest, Thomas pipes in with what he believes is good news for the gaming public at the 1 hour and four minute mark.

"I think the biggest thing we've announced that's coming soon is fire," he says. "Hopefully there'll be something--"

Preston turns to him, staring.

"Is that announced yet?" he asks, clearly meaning, "this has not been announced yet."

Thomas puts his face down onto the desk in front of them, mortified, and Preston bursts out laughing. What makes this breach particularly hilarious was that this stream was Thomas' first back after a six month ban from Rare's livestreams—a ban he received after revealing that parrots were on their way to Sea of Thieves.

It doesn't seem as though Rare is going to have Thomas walk the plank for this infraction. Instead, he's just getting some good-natured teasing on Twitter.

Thanks, Eurogamer.