FIFA 20 joins Premier League's 'No Room for Racism' awareness campaign

Electronic Arts has unveiled new jerseys coming to FIFA 20 in conjunction with the Premier League's No Room for Racism campaign, an effort to bring awareness of, and help eliminate, racist abuse and other forms of discrimination in football—or, as we refer to it on our side of the water, soccer.

Along with the jerseys, EA will also add "special FUT Kits, stadium dressing, and LED boards all carrying the No Room for Racism" message. A launch date hasn't been announced, but the real-world No Room for Racism campaign will be on display at all Premier League matches from October 19-27.

"Racism is not and never will be acceptable in sport or society," Jesse Lingard, a Manchester United midfielder and FIFA 20 Ambassador, said. "Everyone has the right to feel safe and included."

"It’s encouraging to see the Premier League demonstrate their ongoing commitment to tackling racism in football through their No Room For Racism campaign," Sanjay Bhandari, chair of anti-discrimination organization Kick It Out, said in a statement.

"As a passionate football fan and British Asian man myself, I’ve seen the unique reach and power that football and the Premier League has to challenge discrimination in society. Together with Kick It Out, the English Football League, The FA and the PFA, it has a vital role to play in promoting equality across the country."

Two of the players seen in EA's tweet, Tammy Abraham and Raheem Sterling, also took part in a new video promoting the campaign. And while racist abuse is, unfortunately, not uncommon in soccer or other professional sports, the need for the campaign was recently emphasized in a match between Bulgaria and England: It was stopped twice in the first half because of racist chanting by fans and stewards. Police have so far arrested six, according to the BBC, and have nine more under investigation.

Update: An EA rep confirmed that there will be no cost for the "No Room for Racism" kits. Information on how they'll be obtainable will be revealed later.

Andy Chalk

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