Fifa 12 sells 3.2 million in one week

Fifa 12 elbows ftw

Fifa 12 has only been out for week, and already 3.2 million own it, according to word from EA, who say it's "the biggest launch in the history of sports videogames." Here's another factoid: Fifa 12 has sold 23% more than Fifa 11 in its first week. And another: Fifa 12 is the biggest launch of the year so far. Blam!

It is rather good. We've been playing it all week and STILL haven't managed to score with the goalkeeper, and for some reason every game I play with Owen ends in a nil-nil draw. Why? Probably because we're defensive maestros, or incapable of putting together an attack without making our players fall over. This year's Fifa is a big step forward on PC especially. We finally get the fully featured console build, complete with upgraded animations and the Impact Engine. If you want to try it out, check out the Fifa 12 demo . Have you been playing Fifa 12? Tell us your thoughts!

Tom Senior

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