How to get every mount in Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers

FFXIV Mounts
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Completing your collecting of FFXIV mounts is no easy task, especially now that the Shadowbringers expansion has added another nine to pick up. This guide will give you a quick rundown of which mounts were added with Shadowbringers and what you need to do to obtain them.

Before you get started grinding, make sure you also take a look at our guide to the location of every aether current in Shadowbringers. You'll need to collect 15 for each zone to unlock the ability to fly on your mounts, so don't forget to take the necessary detours to pick up aether currents as you level up.

Now, onto the mounts.

Where to find Shadowbringer's FFXIV mounts 

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To collect Grani, the Warrior of Darkness' new mount showcased in all the promotional materials and art, you'll need to buy the Shadowbringers Collector's Edition. The digital edition is $60 and comes with the Grani mount, a windup Fran minion, and an exclusive skin for your Gunbreaker weapon. 

Ironfrog Mover 

A 'Fate' (a kind of repeatable group quest) spawns in Kholusia called "A Finale Most Formidable" that rewards an item called Formidable Cogs. When you've collected 12 of them, head to the Token Exchange NPC in Eulmore to trade them in for this mount. 

War Tiger 

This one is going to be tough. Playing as the new Gunbreaker job, you're going to have to complete an achievement called "Tank You, Gunbreaker II." This achievement requires you to complete 200 dungeons, EX trials (which are level 61+), or 50/60/70 or leveling roulette (with the daily bonus active) as a Gunbreaker. So, basically, a lot of endgame dungeon grinding.

Battle Tiger 

This is the upgraded version of the War Tiger and requires you to do the same thing as before but this time complete a whopping 300 endgame dungeons, trials, or duty roulettes with the bonus active. Yowza.

Fae Gwiber 

The Fae Gwiber is a reward from the Extreme difficulty version of The Dancing Plague trial—the one where you must face down Queen Titania, herself. Unfortunately, this mount isn't a guaranteed reward and you'll have to roll for it against everyone else in your party, so it'll likely take you several dozen runs unless you're extremely lucky.

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This dino mount is the reward for intrepid hunters who complete 2,000 A-rank hunts and 1,000 S-rank hunts in Norvrandt. Doing so will earn you the "Nuts and Nutsy" achievement, which in turn rewards this mount.


I hope you like grinding because in order to earn this wonderful mount you'll need to level every single combat job to level 80. Yes, all 18 of them.

Innocent Gwiber 

Like the Fae Gwiber, the Innocent Gwiber is a random drop from the Crown of the Immaculate trial when played on Extreme difficulty. To reiterate, this mount randomly drops and you'll have to compete with everyone in the group who wants to roll for it, so it'll probably take a while to earn.

Circus Ahriman 

This is the one mount you currently can't obtain—it isn't available until October 2019 when the in-game All Saints Wake festival kicks off. That's all we know right now. Square Enix hasn't said what will be required to earn this mount, but we'll update this article when we know more.

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