Where to find your Aether Compass in FFXIV: Endwalker

ff14: Endwalker aether compass
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If you're having trouble locating your FFXIV Aether Compass now Endwalker has arrived, you're not alone. The thing is, it's been moved, but you needn't fret as you set your sights on all the new things you can do in the latest expansion. And even if you're just starting on your journey through Eorzea, there's a lot to explore as you level your way through the earlier expansions.

If you woke up early and jumped straight into Endwalker, eager to check out the new Sage and Reaper jobs—or just to simply get started on your journey to level 90—you may not have noticed right away that your Aether Compass is seemingly missing from your inventory. Don't worry, you haven't mislaid it. If you're wondering what to do, here's where to find your Aether Compass in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker.

FFXIV Aether Compass: Where to find it 

Now Endwalker has launched, you'll find that the Aether Compass has been moved from the 'Key Items' tab in your inventory to 'Collection' under the Duty menu. Additionally, if you've previously owned the item but have mistakenly discarded it, it will automatically appear in the Collection menu.

The Aether Compass was added with the Heavensward expansion and lets you locate Aether Currents to unlock flying in various zones. It was a key item that could be added to your hotbar for easier access when needed. If you previously had the item on your hotbar, the icon might have changed to a question mark. This can be removed and replaced with the new version.

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