Fast & Furious Crossroads announced, coming to Steam next year

For the final announcement of The Game Awards, Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel took the stage to reveal—what else—a Fast & Furious videogame.

Developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by Bandai Namco, Fast & Furious Crossroads will release on Steam in May 2020, and features fast cars, explosions, and approximations of Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel themselves.

It's got an aged look to it, to put it politely, but the dated appearance feels appropriate for the movie series, which has been around since 2001. I sort of miss the days of goofy licensed games you didn't expect much from, but could surprise you. Remember when X-Men Origins: Wolverine turned out to actually be pretty good? Maybe it'll be like that.

Or maybe not. We'll find out next year, when Crossroads appears on Steam in May. Check out the debut trailer above.


Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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