Far Cry: New Dawn trailer confirms post-apocalyptic leaks

Far Cry 5 narrative director unveiled Far Cry: New Dawn with a new trailer at The Game Awards tonight, confirming the numerous leaks about the game that sprung earlier today. The new game is still set in Hope County, but 17 years after the global nuclear war that concluded Far Cry 5

The video showcases a peaceful settlement that comes under attack by a gang led by a pair of women—sisters, maybe—who seem determined to either take it over or burn it down. The whole thing has a very obvious Road Warrior vibe, but it's far more colorful, and with the usual Far Cry elements firmly in place: There are friendly animals and weird weapons and all kinds of unsafe vehicles, and some very in-your-face pink coloring that's more than a little reminiscent of the also-post-apocalyptic Rage 2. 

There's also an odd twist at the end in the form of Joseph Seed, the fanatical dickhead who caused so much trouble in Far Cry 5, and who also correctly predicted the onset of war. He portentously acknowledges that the new world is not the glorious place he expected, and I have to wonder if that hints at some sort of oncoming redemption arc. After spending Far Cry 5 fighting and killing Joseph and his family, could we end up stepping into his shoes in New Dawn? That'd be a hell of a twist. 

Far Cry: New Dawn is set to come out on February 15. Find out more at farcry.com.

Andy Chalk

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