Where to find silver bars in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5’s microtransactions aren’t a huge pain in the ass, a major relief after the year of the lootbox. Silver bars are its premium currency, used to purchase prestige items like guns, vehicles, skins, and outfits. Two bits of good news: those items are almost all available for purchase using the in-game money you earn, and there are hidden stashes of silver bars all over Hope County.

We’re still looking for them all and will update this post as we do, but here’s all the silver bar locations we’ve found so far. (The trend seems to put them at outposts, so be sure you're prepped to fight before making a dash for the cash.) You should be able to nab a prestige item or two with the total earnings from the locations below. Just don't be like me and blow most of them on the fanciest slingshot skin. (Do it.) 

Before heading out make sure to have remote explosives handy, though we recommend saving your supplies by using the repair tool or the lock-picking perk to open the safes. 

The F.A.N.G. Center

Just head to the gift shop and look in the corner. The safe is right there. 

King's Hot Springs Hotel

Head to the side of the hotel where the scaffolding leads to the roof. Instead of heading directly through the open window, sidle along the roof awning to get to the door on the small balcony. You'll find the safe with silver bars inside. 

Nolan's Fly Shop

Not all silver bars are locked away in safes. At Nolan's Fly Shop, head to the shed behind the store and bash in the boarded up door. You'll find the silver bars sitting on a table inside. 

The Seed Ranch

The safe is located in the hangar behind a chainlink fence and some stacked boxes. Just climb over to find the safe and some other goodies. 

Fall's End

Head to the garage on the main road through town and enter the lobby. The safe is right next to the vending machine. 

PIN-KO Station

Finding this safe first requires finding the keys to the PIN-KO armory. They're in plain view on one of the upper floors of the tallest building on site. Take those keys to the armory, a closet in the back of the smallest building near the site entrance. 

Hope County Jail

Keep heading straight past the weapon vendor then turn left to face the Arcade. The safe is on the right wall of the same room. 

Whitetail Park Ranger Station

After a perfect liberation, head into the cabin behind the sign at the entrance to the station. The safe containing the silver bars is inside.

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