Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness DLC launch trailer combines stealth and slaughter

Far Cry 5's Hours of Darkness DLC focuses on stealthy survival in the Vietnam War, said Chris earlier this week. Some of that's teased at the start of the South East Asian expansion's launch trailer, before the player is seen blowing things up, dropping choppers from the sky, and rolling around in the dirt with an angry panther. 

After some teething issues that hit both Uplay and Steam players—which appear to be sorted now—Hours of Darkness is out now and looks like this:

As someone who quickly tired of the base game's rural Montana, the thought of sleuthing around the jungle appeals to me more than the latter third of the above. This excerpt from Chris' impressions is more what I'm after. 

With the exception of jets noisily napalming the shit out of your enemies, Hours of Darkness encourages you to take a stealthy approach to your escape. Rather than the perk unlock system of Far Cry 5, you've already got four perks at the start of the DLC, but you need to make stealth kills to activate them. Make four stealth kills in a row, and you'll have all four perks active. If you're detected by enemies you'll instantly lose those perks until you've made four more stealth kills to regain them all.

The following developer livestream outlines that further still around the 22 minute mark. Here, the player invades an enemy camp, before offing foes with a bow and arrow and bamboo sticks. Look, see:

Check out Chris' early thoughts on Far Cry 5's Hours of Darkness DLC this way. More information on the expansion itself lives on its Steam page