Fallout 76 update adds camera and divisive repair kits

After a brief delay, Fallout 76's prospective photographers can now get their hands on the ProSnap Deluxe, a functional in-game camera that will let you capture the memory of your time struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Something to show the grandkids. 

The ProSnap Deluxe needs to be crafted first, and you'll only find out how to do that after you've looted a broken one off a corpse. When you've got a working camera, you'll also be able to continue the dead photographer's quest and take specific snaps. Or you can ignore the corpse's legacy and fill your album with pictures of skeletons in compromising positions. 

The update also introduces repair kits, which can be used to restore an item to its maximum durability. Unfortunately, they can't be crafted or traded, and enemies won't drop them, either. You'll need to hit up the Atomic Shop and purchase them from there. The are improved repair kits, too, which buff an item's durability, and they can only be earned by killing the Scorchbeast Queen. More ways to earn them may be added later.

Bethesda also responded to criticism about its decision to put repair kits in the Atomic Shop. 

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve examined all the feedback and today we want to share our thinking when it comes to these types of items and how they relate to the Atomic Shop. When we originally announced the Atomic Shop last year, we said that it will not provide anything that offers a competitive advantage. We remain committed to that statement and take it into account when we evaluate every new item that we bring to the Shop, both now and in the future.

While Repair Kits do offer a way to fix an item in the field, we feel you will find that they are a convenient option you can utilize during your adventures. If we find that Repair Kits do offer any sort of competitive advantage once they are available, we will make any changes necessary to ensure that advantage is removed.

Aside from purchasing Atoms, you can also unlock Basic Repair Kits using Atoms you’ve earned from Challenges. Additionally, the more powerful Improved Repair Kits will not be available in the Shop and can be earned by completing in-game content, like killing the Scorchbeast Queen.

It still seems like a really strange thing to lock behind a shop, even if you can earn Atoms in-game. This isn't some fancy, rare item—it's exactly the sort of thing you'd expect to be able to cobble together in a survival game. 

The update is live now, and here are the patch notes

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