How to find Fallout 4's extra hairstyles, tattoos, and face paint



Okay, let's say you want to change your looks or hairstyles but don't feel like making a special trip to have it done. Maybe you're not welcome in Diamond City. Maybe you just think you should be able to change your looks whenever you want. (You're right, you should.) I've got you covered. You can open the character creation utility anytime you like using a console code. Just follow these steps:

  • Find a chair in a quiet well-lit area, preferably somewhere outside in the sun. I'd suggest a place like Sanctuary, where you probably won't be disturbed, and you can even use the workbench to build or carry a chair out into the street.
  • Sit in the chair, switch to third-person view, and turn the camera so you're looking directly at your character's face from as close as you can get without entering back into first-person mode.
  • Save your game. You may make changes and realize you don't like them.
  • Open the console (using the tilde ~ key).
  • Type the following, without the quotation marks: 'showlooksmenu player 1' and press enter. Hit the tilde key again to close the console.

Boom! You're now in the same character creation menu as you were in the vault, plus you've got access to the new hairstyles from the barber shop, plus the grease and face paint.


It's a little harder to use, since your character will be engaging in idle animations and you're not zoomed in as close as you should be. However, it's perfect for swapping hairstyles and adding paint without having to go anywhere. When you're done, just exit the menu.

Note: the hairstyles and tattoos added by the magazines won't be there unless you've collected and read the magazines, so you'll still need to do that.

More cheating

So, you don't feel like going out and collecting those magazines, either, but you still want the tattoos and hairstyles that are contained within them? I totally understand. Let's use the console again. But this is a big huge honking cheat, so don't say I didn't warn you.

  • Open the console by pressing ~. Type (with no quotes) 'coc qasmoke' and press enter.

You may have noticed you've been teleported into a weird dark room with a bunch of things in it. Some of those things are footlockers, and one of those footlockers has every book in the game inside it. Scroll through the list and take the Le Coiffe and Taboo Tattoo books with you. Try not to look at anything else in the room because there's a lot of other things. As in: every item in the game is in that room.


Congratulations! You've got all the hairstyles and tattoos, and you know how to implement them without visiting a barber or surgeon. Unfortunately, you're trapped in this weird room forever since there's no exit and you can't fast travel from it to escape.

Even more cheating

So you're saying you don't want to spend the rest of your character's life in a weird room trying on hair? Fair enough!

  • Open the console again, type 'coc sanctuaryext' and press enter.

You'll be teleported back to Sanctuary with the hairstyle books and whatever else you stole from that room. Which, I'm sure, is nothing. I'm sure you only stole those few books. Right?

Enjoy your new look!

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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