How to find Fallout 4's extra hairstyles, tattoos, and face paint


There are five issues of a magazine called Taboo Tattoos hidden in Fallout 4, and five tats—four for your face and one for your neck—that come with them. As with face paint and grime, you can activate the tattoos by visiting the surgeon in Diamond City. Here's where to find the magazines.

Lucky Clover

This is the only cheek tattoo (see above). Head to Mass Pike Tunnel East, and head there with a large weapon and a can-do attitude because good lord it's a supremely nasty place full of horrible, horrible things. Once you're underground, head into the southern tunnels. When you spot a small room with a power armor station, look around for a couple skeletons. Next to one, along with some junk on the floor, you'll find the issue of Taboo Tattoos.




This is a pretty sweet tattoo that covers the front of your neck (you can see it in the image up top). You'll find it in Concord (I assume you don't need directions to Concord). On the main street, look for a red truck. Behind it is an alleyway, and in the alley there's a cellar door marked Concord Civic Access. Head inside, and on your way down the stairs you'll pass a small room. Next to a steamer trunk you'll find the magazine.



Radiation Skull

This forehead tattoo featuring a radiation symbol with a skull in the center can be acquired at the Irish Pride Industries Shipyard, which is dead north of Bunker Hill. Inside the main building, there's a ship. Inside the ship, there's a metal lunch table with a lit lantern sitting on it. The magazine is next to it.




Bad Luck Horseshoe

You'll find this in Vault 81, which is west of Diamond City. Look for a barbershop on the lower floor, it's marked with a sign. The magazine is on a small table inside. While you're there, you can also get a haircut.



Nautical Anchor

This one is easy. Head to Thicket Excavations, a quarry due east of Red Rocket Truck Stop, very close to where you begin the game. At the quarry, on the southern edge of the pit, there are three small trailers. In the trailer closest to the pit, it's on the desk inside.




On the final page, a way to make changes to your looks, hair, paint, and tattoos without having to actually visit a barber or surgeon!

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