Fallen London is getting a new map to celebrate its 10th anniversary

(Image credit: Failbetter Games)

Fallen London, Failbetter's resilient browser game, hit its tenth anniversary recently, so the developer is giving it a lick of paint and sprucing it up for this brave new decade. As of this week, visitors to the subterranean metropolis will have a fancy new map to gaze at. 

Given that Fallen London is the map, the visual overhaul seems more significant than it otherwise might. Beta testers have already gotten their hands on it, so hopefully when it launches on Wednesday the change will be a smooth one. 

It's impressive that a weird and wordy browser game has stuck around for so long, and been given so much attention by its developer. Failbetter went off to make Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies, both set in the same universe as Fallen London, but the original game has continued to receive updates and new stories.

There was an attempt to bring it over to iOS and Android, too, though the app was eventually removed from both. Thankfully, the browser version works perfectly well on phones, so it wasn't too much of a loss. 

Fallen London will be down for the update on Wednesday, March 4. 

Fraser Brown
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