Explore a cake-filled underworld in free Metroidvania Satan Loves Cake

(Image credit: baku)

In a cartoonish underworld, Satan spends his days stuffing cake into his mouth, while a demonic version of The Great British Bake-Off plays on the TV. And then, in one moment, all the cake is gone. So, he has to get up and find some, filling his belly with treats that spew from defeated enemies.

So it goes in Satan Loves Cake, a familiarly Metroidy platformer but with real charm, style, and humour. For instance, there's Satan's belly, which is basically a wallet to hold acquired currency (cake), which can be used to purchase new abilities.

My cakey journey ended when I tried to use a new power to cross a large gap, and died over and over again. But you, a more accomplished platformer player, will surely get further, as plenty of commenters on the itch.io page have done. There's much to enjoy about this sweet-toothed platform game, even if you don't make it through to the end, from the funny writing to the cute pixel art.

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Tom Sykes

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