Evolve is getting two new maps in April

Evolve mosnter

While the kerfuffle around Evolve's pre-order DLC still dominates discussions about the game's post-launch support, it's easy to forget that all forthcoming maps will be free. Turtle Rock is already making good on its promise with two new maps scheduled to roll out in April. These come in the form of Broken Hill Foundry and Broken Hill Mine.

Each map will support Hunt, Nest, Rescue, Skirmish and Evacuation game modes, with each boasting their own Evacuation campaign effects (basically, narrative twists based on the outcome of matches). The studio will showcase the maps this coming Friday (or Saturday in Australia) on its official Twitch channel, but in the meantime all we have is lowly text.

Broken Hill Mine 02 Logo

Here's the rundown for Broken Hill Mine:

"Broken Hill Mine is a deep labyrinth of caves running below the surface of Shear. The cave system divides into three visually distinct areas: One area is a rock quarry, a venom hound nest is set in another, and the last zone has a massive conveyor belt running through it. These surround a central drill chamber. Hidden, destructible entryways allow the Monster to shortcut through the map – or to fake out the Hunters and lead them down the wrong path. The mine’s tight confines reduce running and encourages a lot of stealth and close-quarters firefights. One cool thing to look for: Look up and you’ll see the crane for the Broken Hill Foundry (the second new map) above."

Broken Hill Foundry 02 Logo

And Broken Hill Foundry:

"Broken Hill Foundry gets you out of the wilds of Shear and into an industrial complex. It’s an overlapping mix of open areas, corridors and low ceilings create new tactical options for both Monster and Hunter players. In the warehouse alone, there are three levels to stalk prey. Another area takes you through the streets – and to the rooftops – of Slagtown where a Monster can be lurking around every corner. Crates of bohrium, found throughout the facility, can be eaten as food for the Monster. Though the crates are easy meals, they don’t have a pop top. Breaking them open makes considerable noise and give away the Monster’s location."

The maps will release on April 30. It follows recent news on a forthcoming Spectator Mode, as well as a new patch adding a FOV slider, among other things.

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