Everything on ThinkGeek is 50% off as it shutters online business

ThinkGeek has been the go-to site when you're looking for a Mintecraft lava lamp or a bouquet of Star Wars plush dolls—it's a one-stop destination for pop culture toys, gifts, clothing, and so forth. Sadly, ThinkGeek is shutting down its online operations, but it's not all bad news. ThinkGeek is having a sitewide 50 percent off sale as it prepares for its offline life.

To be clear, ThinkGeek is not shutting down entirely, only its online business. As spotted by GamesIndustry.biz and stated in an FAQ section on ThinkGeek's website, it's moving in with its parent company, GameStop.

"After this move, you will be able to shop a curated selection of unique items historically found on ThinkGeek.com via a ThinkGeek section at GameStop," ThinkGeek explains.

The decision to move offline seems backward in today's landscape, but perhaps ThinkGeek was having a tough time competing with Amazon. Who knows. In any event, ThinkGeek also has 40 physical locations in the US, and those will remain open.

This is a rather new development, so there are quite a lot of items that are still available for a discount—head here to browse them all, and enter code MOVINGDAY at checkout to slash those prices in half. For stuff you won't find anywhere else, jump into the ThinkGeek Exclusives section.

If you're looking for some gift ideas (for someone else or yourself), here are a few that we found that are in stock at the time of this writing:

One thing to keep in mind is that all sales are final. Also, even though the 50 percent off code works until July 2, there is going to be a mad dash to the better deals. It's already happened to some extent—the board game Catan, for example, is already out of stock.

Happy shopping!

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