Everspace 2 unveiled at Gamescom

(Image credit: Rockfish Games)

Update: As promised, the full reveal dropped today at Gamescom. It's still a long way off—Everspace 2 is expected to launch on Steam Early Access in the second half of 2020, and won't go into full release until 2021—but the trailer makes a nice splash. Find out more at everspace.game.

Original story:

The devs of Everspace, one of the best space games on PC, have shown off the first images of their unannounced open world space shooter ahead of a full reveal next week.

The Rockfish Games team first revealed they were working on the game earlier this week, and promised it will have "classic RPG elements".  It will have the same "visual style" as Everspace, which means it will probably look very pretty indeed, and you'll battle a variety of enemies in an "everlasting quest for better loot". 

Take a look at the first images below.

It's not clear whether it's purely about ship combat or if you'll be getting out of the cockpit to fight aliens on foot, too. We'll find out more when Rockfish unveils the shooter at Gamescom on Monday, August 19.

It's one to watch: Andy enjoyed Everspace's rogue-like loop, which let you carry over money, upgrades and perks between runs, and praised its "responsive flight controls and fun, immediate combat". 

Samuel Horti

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