Escape from Monkey Island arrives on GOG

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In the same way I consider The Godfather Part 3 'the modern one', Escape from Monkey Island will forever be the fresh face of LucasArts' esteemed point-and-click adventure series. The fact that it's now closing in on its 18th birthday makes this positively ancient writer want to cry. The fact that it's out now on GOG (opens in new tab), however, makes me want to smile. 

Let's run with the latter. It costs £7.09/$9.99, and its arrival marks a Monkey Island series sale wherein all four games—The Secret of Monkey Island (opens in new tab) and Monkey Island 2 (opens in new tab)'s Special Editions, The Curse of Monkey Island (opens in new tab) and, of course, Escape From Monkey (opens in new tab) Island—cost £15.56/$22.01 for a limited time.

"The first 3D iteration of the beloved point-and-click pirate adventure series has finally surfaced on PC digital distribution waters—for the collectors, and for long-time fans of Insult Sword Fighting," says GOG in a statement. "Escape from Monkey Island once again puts you in the boots of self-proclaimed mighty pirate, Guybrush Threepwood, as you embark on a hilarious adventure to save the pirates' unsavory way of life from the curse of late capitalism."

GOG adds that purchasing any game from the series you may be missing, including Escape from Monkey Island, grants you an additional 25 percent off the entire purchase. This offers runs now through June 26 at 2pm BST / 6am PST.

With all of the above in mind, check out the following from Richard Cobbett. Great moments in PC gaming: Insult sword-fighting in Monkey Island (opens in new tab).

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