Epic does what Nintendon't, brings Geralt and the Doom Slayer to Fortnite

Fortnite presses ever onward, and Epic Games has put out two new trailers for the game's just-launched Chapter 4. There's a lot of stuff here that scares and threatens me because I'm an old man who's with what isn't it, but I'll tell you what is cool: you'll be able to play as beloved PC gaming mascots Geralt of Rivia and the Doom Slayer.

The cinematic trailer, which premiered late yesterday, shows a robot lady doing some kind of multiverse thing to craft the next iteration of Fortnite's map out of asteroids, dragging Geralt, the Doom Slayer, the Incredible Hulk, and YouTuber MrBeast with it.

The Chapter 4 Season 1 launch trailer shows off the introduction of dirt bikes, as well as how our beautiful boys will look in-game. Geralt's been altered to fit the house art style, while the Doom Slayer hilariously looks like he was ripped straight out of id Tech 6. My sources also say that the little green anime boy who yells at the end of the trailer is Deku from the show My Hero Academia, or the manga, Boku no Hero Academia.

I had always hoped Geralt would get the Smash Bros. Ultimate Treatment (and a cute little amiibo with it), but his continued drive to be in more games than 2B from NieR is still inspiring to me. Fortnite is only the latest crossover for everybody's favorite witcher, and Amazon just announced that the White Wolf and friends will be making their way to the MMO, Lost Ark.

And it will be canon. CD Projekt maintains that, due to the Witcher's cosmic rules, every Geralt crossover is just a time he fell through the wrong portal. Soul Caliber 6? Canon. Monster Hunter: World? Canon. Fornite Chapter 4? My friend, nothing could be more canon.

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