Elgato's Stream Deck Mini is 30% off right now in the US and UK

The Elgato Stream Deck has been a popular option for game streamers (or anyone else looking to automate their computer) for years. The company launched a smaller Stream Deck Mini last year, and now you can get it for 30 percent off from Amazon in the US and UK. It's currently listed for $69.99 in the US, and £61.25 in the UK.

The Stream Deck Mini has six LCD keys, primarily designed for switching scenes, adjusting audio, launching media, and other actions in streaming software. It officially supports OBS Studio, XSplit, Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Mixer.

Even if you're not a streamer, it's still useful for mapping keyboard shortcuts and other actions to programmable buttons. You can buy the Stream Deck Mini from the links below.

Elgato Stream Deck Mini | $69.99 ($29.96 off)Buy at Amazon US, Buy at Amazon UK

Elgato Stream Deck Mini | $69.99 ($29.96 off)
This has six customizable LCD keys, which can be mapped to keyboard shortcuts or actions in popular streaming programs. Buy at Amazon US, Buy at Amazon UK

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Corbin Davenport

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