Elgato launches a cheaper, more compact Stream Deck Mini for streamers

Elgato took a shrink ray and aimed it at its Stream Deck, a button pad billed as a companion accessory for streamers, and the result is smaller, more affordable version for broadcasters and creators.

The new Stream Deck Mini offers the same functionality as its bigger sibling, it just has fewer buttons and costs a sliver under $100. Whereas the full-size Stream Deck has 15 buttons for streamers, the miniaturized version sports six. Each one is planted on an LCD screen and they are all fully customizable, allowing streamers and video producers to quickly and easily perform a wealth of functions.

"When Stream Deck launched just over a year ago, it gave content creators access to a level of tactile control that was traditionally exclusive to mainstream entertainment broadcasters,” said Julian Fest, VP & General Manager of Elgato. "Stream Deck Mini is every inch a Stream Deck. It keeps all the same functionality, in a smaller form factor, and at a more attainable price."

Users can program the buttons to perform various actions, such as playing GIFS and soundbites. It also comes with a selection of default shortcuts for popular streaming apps, and integrates with OBS Studio, XSplit, Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Mixer, and more.

Setup is supposed to be simple—just drag and drop actions onto keys. You can assign ready-made icons to each LCD button, or create your own. And if you want mix things up, you can configure multiple actions to a single button.

"If you think tapping a key to execute an action is impressive, you’ll love Multi Actions. That’s right—assign as many actions as you want to a single key, and launch them all with a tap. One by one separated by intervals. Or together, simultaneously," Elgato explains.

The Stream Deck Mini is available now from Amazon or direct from Corsair (which recently acquired Elgato's gaming division) for $99.95. That's $50 cheaper than the 15-button Stream Deck.

Paul Lilly

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