Elden Ring has Jesus now

A mosaic of Jesus Christ.
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The Souls series mythologies are, as with pretty much every mythology, constructed atop archetypes and what came before. The worlds and characters build on various myth systems and one of the prominent threads is the various forms of Christianity—so it's probably about time Jesus himself turned up.

Player Mar_Reddit recently invaded in Limgrave and was greeted by the son of god, who was accompanied by the fallen angel Lucifer (thanks, Kotaku). Naturally, the first thing to do was pray, after which... things escalated.

After the prayer, Mar_Reddit and Jesus team-up to defeat Satan. After which things escalate further until essentially Jesus gets boshed by the Tree Sentinel. This version of god's son sadly lacks resurrective qualities, so that was all He wrote.

So... expect Elden Ring to start turning up on Christian TV anytime soon. These games have always supported clever roleplay ideas, whether they're lore-y or more practical: as is the case with the Malenia-hunting legend that is Let Me Solo Her. Jesus does appear to be a bit of a thing in Elden Ring though, with several other videos showing similar builds.

There is something undeniably reassuring in knowing that He is out there, doing the lord's work. News of our lord and saviour aside, Elden Ring recently received a minor hotfix, which followed a larger update (that patched Patches). Elsewhere in the Lands Between, a player's found a mysterious colosseum that may well be intended for DLC, while another's creating mini-armies of summons to pulverise bosses.


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