How to get the Bolt of Gransax in Elden Ring

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Elden Ring's Bolt of Gransax is one of the ten legendary armaments in the game. Crucially, this one can be made inaccessible by proceeding too far into the main path, so it's best to secure this Elden Ring weapon as soon as it's available.

Bolt of Gransax Location: Where to find it in Leyndell

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The Bolt of Gransax is located deep in the Leyndell, Royal Capital legacy dungeon on the Altus Plateau, far to the north of Limgrave. You'll want to proceed through the level to the Avenue Balcony site of grace in the center of the city. From there, climb up the massive dragon statue's wing. From the top, you should see a balcony with a ladder. Drop down there, climb the ladder, and proceed forward. You'll quickly come across the West Capital Rampart site of grace.

Close by, you can observe some massive roots coming down from the mountain into the city. You can climb this root just like the dragon statue's wing. Do so, and ignore the Erdtree Guardians on the path. At the top of the winding root, you'll find a side entrance into the Erdtree Sanctuary Cathedral, home to a boss fight with a shade of Godfrey, the First Elden Lord.

The safest strategy, as per many of Elden Ring's difficult encounters, is to summon help and/or stay at range. As for the melee route, Godfrey's shade is a classic Souls series "big guy with a big weapon:" highly mobile and aggressive, with well-telegraphed attacks which nevertheless can lead into long combos and the surprising mix ups you'll have come to expect from Elden Ring's bosses.

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After defeating Godfrey, go through the cathedral's western exit and take the elevator down. You'll see a giant replica of the Bolt of Gransax, and that's where you'll want to go. Take the stairs down from the elevator and keep your eye out for a crack in the balcony to your left.

Looking down, you'll see the spear embedded in a platform. Jump down, then walk up the replica spear and claim the actual weapon at the top.

Elden Ring Bolt of Gransax: stats and requirements

The most desirable thing about the Bolt of Gransax is its unique Ash of War, Ancient Lightning Spear. Pressing L2 will send out a fast-moving and highly damaging bolt of lightning reminiscent of one of Elden Ring's incantations, Lightning Spear, but without any Faith investment required. Otherwise, the Bolt of Gransax has the standard spear moveset, with stat requirements as follows: 

  • Dexterity: You'll need 40 Dex to equip the spear, a steep price, and it only has D scaling in Dex, increasing to C scaling after upgrading the Bolt of Gransax to +7.
  • Strength: The Bolt also requires 20 Str, and has D scaling in Strength. For these reasons, it may be useful to approach this as a Quality weapon instead of a Dex one.
  • Mind: The Bolt of Gransax's essential lightning attack eats up a lot of FP, so if you plan on building around it, investing points in Mind is a good idea. 

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