Eero's excellent mesh Wi-Fi systems are up to $120 off

Three Eero Wi-Fi stations
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Asus and Netgear build some of the best gaming routers out there, but there are also plenty of excellent Wi-Fi routers that don't look like spiders or ships from Star Trek. The newest Eero 6 and Eero Pro 6 mesh systems are excellent options for upgrading your home network, especially if you live in a larger house, and right now you can pick one of them up for as much as $120 off at B&H.

The non-Pro Eero 6 is a mesh network system sold in packs of 1, 2, or 3 stations. It supports up to 900 MB/s throughput on the primary station, or up to 500 Mb/s on the secondary stations. Each node has two Ethernet ports (though one is used on the base system to connect to a modem) for connecting wired devices. The devices on your network will connect to the nearest station, then seamlessly switch between them as you move through your home, similar to how your phone moves from cell tower to cell tower as needed.

The Eero Pro 6 adds tri-band connectivity, so there is no speed loss when connected to secondary stations. Each Pro station can also function as a smart home hub for Zigbee devices (like some light bulbs, smart locks, etc.), so if you have any Zigbee products, you might not need to keep a separate hub plugged in.

Eero 6 Wi-Fi System (1-3-pack) | $103-243 (save $26-56)

Eero 6 Wi-Fi System (1-3-pack) | $103-243 (save $26-56)
The entry-level Eero 6 system supports Wi-Fi 6 and mesh connectivity, so you'll get great speeds and coverage throughout your home. The 1-pack is cheapest and will cover 1,500 square feet, but 2 and 3-pack options are also available.

Eero Pro 6 Wi-Fi System (3-pack) | $479 (save $120)

Eero Pro 6 Wi-Fi System (3-pack) | $479 (save $120)
The upgraded Eero Pro 6 system includes tri-band connectivity, so there's no speed reduction on secondary nodes, as well as Zigbee support for various smart home devices. This is also sold in packs of 1, 2, and 3, but only the 3-pack is on sale.

Both the non-Pro and Pro systems fully support Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), which means reduced latency and more bandwidth for any decides in your home that are built for Wi-Fi 6. However, the Eero doesn't support the slightly-newer Wi-Fi 6e standard, so you can't use 6GHz for improved connectivity.

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