Echoplex, the creepy doppelganger puzzler, is out now on Early Access

I first got wind of Output Games' Echoplex last year when a lovely PC Gamer reader mentioned it to me via email. Back then it was fighting for votes on Steam Greenlight and, while a little rough around the edges, I really enjoyed its short demo and overarching premise. It's now made its way onto Early Access and looks a whole lot more involved several months on. 

In Echoplex, you're tasked with flipping switches and unlocking doors in a strange futuristic facility whereby past incarnations of yourself, named echos, follow in your footsteps. What starts off fairly straightforward—you might use your echo to, say, trip a switch and open a locked door—quickly becomes complicated when more and more of your doppelgangers begin to fill each room. Collide with your shadow and it's game over, thus meticulous tactics and planning often determines success. 

And as if having someone/something following your every move isn't creepy enough, the echos' expressionless stare and systematic routine only makes them scarier. Here's the game's Early Access trailer:

I missed Echoplex landing on Early Access last week, but was alerted to its arrival by RPS. For £6.99/$9.99 you can get in on the action, while its free demo still appears to be live via this link (automatic download).