E3 2011: The Microsoft conference - your reactions


The first conference of E3 is over. Microsoft's E3 showing was mostly spent waving madly at a camera device. It was all Kinect, all the time, with barely a mention of the PC. We've been reading your reactions. You weren't happy, and rightly so. Here's a roundup of some of our favourite reactions.

Let's start with the commenters on our Microsoft conference liveblog . Erzai swiftly quickly picked out the most controversial claim of the show, and Zombie_Expert communicated a feeling that ran through many of our commenters.

Erazai: "Don Mattrick just called Infinity Ward 'the world's greatest storytellers.' " I died a little inside.

Zombie_Expert: That press conference... Words cannot describe the pain it inflicted upon my very being.

darthmoose42: Apparently what they meant by a push into PC gaming was pushing PC games onto the Xbox...

Rytle: I'm actually enjoying watching Xbox die before my eyes. LIGHTSABER ON!!

You didn't pull your punches on Facebook, either.

"I could not in my wildest dreams imagined it would be this pathetic," writes Jason Kessler

"New Fable game is about sitting in a chair and staring at a horse's arse," observes Andrew Treganowan.

Finally, your Twitter reactions.

The_TomArnold: It was frakkin awfull. But on the upside, it did pave way for thousands of "fist bump" captioned images.

zaktduck: Microsoft showing their true colours yet again, we mean nothing to them now. Their future is brown, on rails and laggy.

wolfmathwig: give me that Tomb Raider

lavos: No PC mentions other than how they are going to take our creativity and assimulate into its own.

Ericbv2: I think Microsoft is suffering from tunnel vision concerning kinect and xbox360 LIVE

Marlamin: Minecraft was the only surprise.

Stay tuned to the site. The EA conference is kicking off in just under an hour. It's going to be massive.

Tom Senior

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