Dying Light to get 10 free DLC helpings in next 12 months

In early 2016, Techland announced plans to support its flagship horror game Dying Light into the new year. A year and half on, the Polish studio has now promised to commit to the zombie-meets-parkour 'em up with ten slices of free DLC to be launched over course of the next 12 months. 

The trailer featured below stars the game's producer Tymon Smektala who notes that while 700,000 or so players were playing Dying Light per week back in September 2015, now as many as 500,000 per week tune in today. 

"This shows that our community is huge, active and craving for more," says Smektala. As such, Techland plans to treat players to "ten pieces of original new content."

Dying Light's batch of freebies includes new in-game events, new enemies, new mysteries to solve and "much, much more", so says Smektala. "And the best thing is: all of this stuff will be free… soon we will release a content drop featuring new enemies as a tiny taste of our continuous support for Dying Light." 

In his 2015 review, Chris liked but didn't love Dying Light's base game—however was far more enamoured by its The Following expansion. In the latter, I particularly enjoyed this paragraph: 

"As you speed off over piles of zombies to complete these tasks you’ll run across an almost exhausting number of other encounters and adventures: locations to explore, people radioing for help, airdrops to recover from armed goons, timed challenge modes, geotagged military caches to track down, and caves filled with dangerous Volatiles to clear out—or not clear out. Look, don’t clear them out. It’s really, really awful in there. Some of these encounters feel like filler, hardly worth stopping for, but I’ll never not enjoy following a rapidly beeping transmitter to its source. Anything that yields new blueprints or weapon attachments is time well spent."

The first portion of Dying Light's host of new stuff is "coming soon".