Dreamfall Chapters begins its longest journey with over $1.5 million

Dreamfall Chapters

The final hours of Red Thread's Kickstarter campaign for Dreamfall Chapters tolled yesterday, and the results show an impressive victory for Ragnar Tørnquist's indie studio. Backers plunked down a total of $1,538,425 to finance the return to Stark and Arcadia, making it the tenth most-financed video game Kickstarter project.

"Now it's our turn to deliver," Tørnquist writes in the first post-campaign update. "This is not just our game now. It's yours, too. And we're going to share it with you the best we can. Oh, there will be mysteries because mysteries are still important. But we asked you to join us on this journey, and we're staying true to our word. This is a journey we take together."

Red Thread plans to soon scoot the community over to a new Dreamfall Chapters forum hub which "we can all be proud of, where we can be honest and open, inclusive and gracious." The digital dough was enough to meet eight of the developer's stretch goals, including the restoration of cut content, Mac and Linux support, and more voice work. The amount came just short of funding a sequel after Chapters, but Red Thread hopes to " some day still be able to tell this story ."

Omri Petitte

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