Dragon Age 2 is PC Gamer UK's next cover


EA have announced Dragon Age 2, and now, we're proud to reveal that Dragon Age 2 is PC Gamer UK's next cover-game.

Last month, we sent a writer to Bioware's headquarters in Edmonton to meet the developers, see what they're planning for the game, and even to play an early version of what they've created. We've got a massive eight page feature in our next issue, covering everything we know. We can't wait to tell you everything we know.

This is the cover of the magazine that UK subscribers will be getting once they're mailed on the 26th July. It's pretty sexy. You can be part of the group that finds out about Dragon Age 2 first. If you subscribe to the UK edition before the 14th July, you'll get that issue at the same time of the rest of our subscribers - a week before it lands on the news-stand. Even better, throughout July we're offering 50% off our usual subscription price . Now is the time to take advantage of that offer.

Also in the issue, you'll discover what we think are the worst 15 PC games of all time, how are building and , details on Company of Heroes Online, Final Fantasy XIV and Civilization V, and a crazy amount more that we're not at liberty to reveal. Because we haven't quite finished working on the issue yet.