Dota 2 update adds new tools for commentators

Valve has created a special Dota 2 patch for those players who spend more time watching and talking about the game than actually playing it.

The latest update to the free-to-play MOBA adds a list of improvements to the commentator system. Commentators and casters now have the tools to highlight statistics and items through pop-up messages, and can set up questions and polls for their viewers.

While not everyone will use these tools, it should be invaluable to the game's commentator community. eSports isn't a new concept, but very few of the games covered in eSports offer in-game tools for commentators. Starcraft II has menus showing off build times, army value and other basic statistics, but doesn't allow commentors to visually notify spectators with custom notifications.

A secondary patch was also added that includes six new taunts for the Anti-Mage, Crystal Maiden, Pudge, Lina and Drow Ranger. We doubt these taunts will be used to move the eSports scene forward, but you never know.

Either way, the added spectator tools shows Valve is interested in fleshing-out the eSports scene by designing a toolset used exclusively for commentating. Time will tell whether Blizzard or Riot will follow suit.