Doomfist, the legendary Overwatch bad guy, is now live on the PTR

Earlier this week, Blizzard released a teaser suggesting that Akande Ogundimu—the legendary villain Doomfist—could soon be joining the Overwatch lineup. And unlike last year's painfully drawn out Sombra reveal, this time around Blizzard has cut right to the chase: Doomfist is now live on the Overwatch PTR

Doomfist is an offense hero equipped with cybernetics that make him a "highly mobile, powerful frontline fighter." He wields a Hand Cannon for dealing ranged damage (punching is fun, but not always practical when everyone else in the room is waving guns around), but the fist is where it's at: His Rocket Punch enables him to slam the ground, charge into enemies, and knock them silly, and he can also leap high into the air and come crashing back down, knuckles-first, in a devastating maneuver called the Meteor Strike. 

Have a look at some Doomfist screens below, and don't miss our more detailed breakdown of the big man's special abilities. (Doomfist skins aren't actually on the PTR, so we'll be covering those later, when they're available.) Instructions for joining the current Overwatch PTR are available at

Andy Chalk

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