New Overwatch hero Doomfist teased by Blizzard

Blizzard has released a teaser hinting at new details about Doomfist, the super-powered villain expected to be Overwatch's next playable hero. In an in-universe blog post today, the Times of Numbani revealed that the Talon organization targeted a maximum security prison in order to free one man: "Akande Ogundimu, better known as Doomfist."

"It began in the early hours of the morning, when an unidentified aircraft approached the facility. Security initially reported that the craft had no passengers on board, based on radar scans. The craft passed through the range of the installation's defense systems without incident, leading some to believe that Talon has moles within Helix. Video surveillance from within the compound revealed a black shadowy figure emerging from the craft and descending upon the prison grounds. The unidentified assailant easily overcame the Helix security agents, leaving over a dozen dead. Medical records of the casualties reveal injuries and cellular degeneration matching other incidents involving the mercenary known as the Reaper, all but confirming the incursion as a Talon attack."

In the Overwatch timeline, this prison break took place roughly three months prior to Doomfist's attack on the Numbani airport, where we first met Efi Oladele—the creator of Orisa. It was during that attack that Ogundimu—previously identified only as Doomfist—reclaimed the Doomfist gauntlet, which was previously being toted by the Numbani payload. 

This is the first new information since then that we have about Doomfist, despite the hero having been teased since the first Overwatch cinematic trailer. Reddit commentors have pointed out that Akande is a Yoruba name meaning "firstborn," while Ogundimu is a relatively common Nigerian surname. 

Based upon how Blizzard has previously handled new hero releases, we can expect another few teasers over the next week or two, followed by likely a cinematic trailer introducing the new hero. At this point, Doomfist seems all but confirmed, especially considering that recent PTR crashfiles included a reference to Doomfist. Hopefully we'll know more soon.

Bo Moore

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