Dontnod's 'investigation game' Twin Mirror gives off Heavy Rain vibes in dev diary

Twin Mirror is Dontnod's upcoming "story-driven investigation game", that was revealed prior to E3. The trailer linked there echoes everything from Heavy Rain to Deadly Premonition, Silent Hill, The Evil Within and, of course, the developer's previous game Life Is Strange. Its latest developer diary, led by Oskar Guilbert and featured above, uncovers more about its "investigative gameplay".

Throughout, Dontnod CEO Guilbert refers to Twin Mirror as an interactive story wherein its "specific" and "innovative" gameplay contextualises its overarching narrative. He doesn't give too much away about how it all works in practice—Guilbert has an air of David Cage about him, for better of worse—but does speak briefly about what he reckons stands it apart from the dev's other games. 

"What is quite new in Twin Mirror compared to other projects is the investigation aspect that is really at the heart of the gameplay," says Guilbert in the dev diary above. "You'll discover the hidden reality and be able to, in a very interesting way, a very surprising way, keep moving through the beautiful story of Twin Mirror.

"The emotional journey that we will take players on is based entirely on their choices, the way they interact with the environment, the people they meet, the dialogue choices they make with the other characters in the game, and it's a bit like a book in which you're the hero. You will be able to build you story, and arrive at different endings. So you will really be able to make the game's story your own."

Between Guilbert's pieces to camera, the dev diary shows off slivers of what looks like as yet unseen in-game footage. Twin Mirror is without a concrete launch date for now, but its Twitter page says it's due in 2019.