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Don't Starve gets fed Steam Workshop support, has new Ruins level for dessert

It should be fairly easy not to starve in Don't Starve now, what with Klei's survival game having been given Steam Workshop support. Simply use the modding tools to whip up a tasty delicacy, or download someone else's from this rapidly expanding buffet . There's already rather a lot of cool mods available for the game, and now they can be more easily shared and integrated into yours. Additionally, Klei have added a new level to the Caves system: "the abandoned ruins of a once great civilization", home to an Ancient Guardian and a Dangling Depth Dweller Spider. Now that's alliteration.

Available mods include a Dutch translation for the game, several new characters , and even the concept of dawn . In addition to Steam Workshop, and the extra level, creatures and items (more on those here ), the latest update also lets you keep track of how many times you've died on the new Morgue screen, in true roguelike style. You know, if that's something you feel the need to boast about.

Thanks, Joystiq .