Finally a safe place to download alternative DLSS versions

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In a display of camaraderie for fellow gamers and graphic fidelity nerds, Techpowerup has stepped in to host a repository of Nvidia DLSS client libraries. That means an easy, safe download for anyone wishing to swap out their DLSS library file for another version.

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The ability to go into a chosen game's files and replace the DLSS library with another lets you easily change up feature sets to get the quality and performance you want. Great for benchmarking or simply rolling back to a version that works better with a different game. Sadly where the different versions of DLSS software were being shared around the internet previous to this, there was a chance of opening yourself up to hackers and their sneaky malware.

In comes Techpowerup with a solution: host the repository somewhere users can trust, so no one has to resort to back alley dodgy dealing. At the time of writing, the site had accumulated 23 verified versions of DLSS, and is asking for submissions to help the collection grow.

There have been some concerns raised in the comments section about this being an illicit activity, with one commenter querying, "Isn't this illegally redistributing licensed code?" To which editor and senior moderator btarunr replied simply, "We're not distributing code."

There you have it—a totally legal, non-virus-riddled repository for the many versions of Nvidia DLSS. Hats off to the Techpowerup team for getting this together.

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