How to unlock Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Mirabel from Encanto standing in front of the plaza fountain, cheering in celebration
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If you're trying to figure out how to unlock Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley, your first order of business is to find her golden doorknob in the peaceful meadow. Like some other character quests, this new item should just be lying on the ground somewhere in your peaceful meadow area south of the plaza, marked by golden sparkles. Pick it up to begin the quest The Golden Doorknob.

When you take the gold, engraved clue to Merlin, he'll explain that Mirabel's house has a mind of its own. Mini-Casita spirited her away to another dimension when the Forgetting began and you'll need to convince the house it's safe to return to Dreamlight Valley. Encanto doesn't have its own realm at the castle like some other characters. Instead it's a bit like unlocking Stitch where you have to follow a short quest around the valley to bring her back. 

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The Golden Doorknob Quest: Unlocking Mirabel 

Luckily, Mirabel's quest is one of the easier fetch quests in the game—no iron ingots required, thank goodness. Here's the short to-do list you'll need to complete and just a few tips on each task down below: 

  • Take 3 pictures with villagers 
  • Give 2 villagers their favorite gifts
  • Have 2 daily discussions with villagers
  • 500 dreamlight

These are all things that you'll have already done quite a lot of around the valley. As a quick tip on those favorite gifts you may not have clocked, you can navigate to the "characters" tab of the "collection" menu to see which three items each villager wants for the day without actually finding them to ask first. You can hang about in your house snatching stored items from your chests before going out to deliver gifts.

Daily discussions and pictures are easy too. Just make sure to get any character in frame with you while snapping a selfie. With the discussions, those will always be the dialogue option marked by a chat bubble as you're speaking to a villager.

After that, return to Merlin and hand over 500 dreamlight. That's a much smaller dreamlight total than unlocking some of the biomes around the island, so you'll more than likely already have plenty stored up. He'll tell you to place Mirabel's house, though Mini-Casita takes up way more space than its name implies so be ready to shuffle some of your other decorations around. With her home officially installed, Mirabel will join you at the plaza fountain. 

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